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This is the the Executive Chairman (former CEO) and Founder of, Bob Parsons on his trip to Africa. The boss of likes to kill magnificent animals and have his photo taken with their bodies.

I suggest that anyone using for your Internet services to please change companies right away. Otherwise you are financing his animal cruelty and the destruction of these wonderful animals to fulfill this mans blood lust.

Go Daddy Boss Elephant Killer

GoDaddy Boss Elephant Killer

Boycott GoDaddy,com

There are many better alternative Internet hosting companies and places to buy domain names. Some of them are listed in the column on the right of this post.

I have always found Namecheap to be economical and reliable, and as far as I know none of their directors celebrate the execution of magnificent animals. In fact, right now Namecheap are donating money to save the elephants.


Take a picture, not a trophy. This is how real men shoot animals.

Take a picture not a trophy

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