Global Trader 365 Scam

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Global Trader 365 Scam via The Lazy Cash System

I just had a close call with an online Scam, so I thought that I would do my best to make it public and avoid anyone else getting scammed or losing money, not to mention building up their hopes of making easy profits.

I received an email from

Somehow buried in a Kraft Foods advert.

The offer was an online method of making money, with no sales or advertising.

Lazy Cash System Scam

The sales page was convincing enough for me to want to find out more. It cost me $12 and this simply presented me with a screen showing how you could make big bucks trading Forex, shares etc. With a very simple and straightforward trading system.

The next link led me to the brokerage

At this point they wanted a deposit to begin trading. Before depositing any money I investigated further and found

Which confirmed that the set up is a scam. Lots of users on that site have detailed their losses and how the broker will not return your deposits, or any profits that you have made.

Global Trader 365 Scam

Trying to contact the broker is extremely difficult, with a complex web of addresses in the USA, UK and Gibraltar.

I suggest that you read the post at Global Trader 365 Review – Is Global Trader 365 A Scam? For the full details and the huge number of respondents who have been caught and lost money.

A number of sites seem to lead to this scam, those I have found so far are:-

Please do not spend any of your money on this con. I can not even get my $12 back for what I thought I was spending on a report with a business proposal.

None of the sites mentioned have contact details and responding to the original email I was sent, results in an immediate bounce back.

Once again life has proven that if something looks too good to be true it invariably is.


I have found another site offering a similar trading system to Global Trader 365. This time I did a thorough Internet search before parting with any money.

This broker had nothing but good reviews on the web and many of them mentioned that withdrawing funds that you had deposited or profits that you had made was simple, fast and most importantly, posed no problems. I could find no stories of clients not being able to access their money.

The trading system looks very good and once again I could find only good reviews for it.

Make $650,000 per month with a Free Step by Step System

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I am going to open account myself and begin trading. Once I have more experience and information I will post an update. But you can find out for yourself by clicking the link above. I do not believe that there is any way that you can lose money by doing your own investigation.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance

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